Measures To Corrected The Canon Printer Message E5 Error

Canon E5 Printer error that shows that canon mg3600 printer not responding arises when a defect occurs in the ink cartridge of canon printer. It means when your Canon printer is not able to identify the built-in ink cartridges, it will be shown you the canon pixma mp495 error codes. You can face this canon e5 error due to so many reasons, such as incorrectly installed the ink cartridge, the printer is not clean, etc. Despite counting on the cause, taking an important action and correcting this error straight away becomes one of the crucial tasks. For fixing the Canon ts3122 error codes, take the process of troubleshooting that are given below.

Correctly Install The Ink Cartridge

If you have not correctly installed the canon ink cartridge, then you will surely get a message displayed on your monitor’s screen, i.e., Canon E5 error. To get this issue fixed, you should try out deleting and installing the entire income cartridge again from the canon printer. Also, make sure to overlook some instructions that are mentioned below to get the ink cartridge reinstalled. Ensure that you discern every movement firmly, so you correct the canon mg3600 printer not responding error successfully.

  1. Firstly you have to get your printer to switch off and disconnect the power cable.
  2. After this, you need to delete all the records of the canon printer.
  3. Now, the tray of production paper has to be sent to your canon printer and Extension.
  4. Allow covering more.
  5. This will help you to start driving the ink cartridges. Don’t scrape them while they move.
  6. Next, eject the canon printer ink cartridges and eliminate all the protection tapes stick to them.
  7. Now, you have to open the entrance door of the canon printer’s ink cartridge.
  8. Next, infuse all the ink inside the ink cartridge with the corresponding holes. But here, you have to make sure that you put the ink inside the correct slot by checking. You should also hold the ink carefully with your hand and squeeze the ink as you get injected it inside the vacant slots.
  9. Once you have done with the loading of ink inside the ink cartridge, close the door.
  10. Now, once you have done with all the above processes, put the ink cartridges back into the system.
  11. Lastly, connect the power cable and turn on your canon printer by switching on the power button.

Now check whether you have encountered the same canon mg3600 not responding error or not once you have filled the ink into the ink cartilage. If the bug hasn’t been fixed yet, then try out some other measures to fix the canon mg3600 not responding error.

Clean Printer Properly

Most of the time, when the printer is grimy or dirty, Canon exhibits an E5 error. This can possibly be the reason for unnecessary ink leakage from the ink cartilage. Therefore you necessarily need to clean the printer correctly and perfectly. By following some necessary processes, you can perfectly clean your canon printer. You require to utilize the self-cleaning feature of the printer before you get started for the cleaning process of the printer. If it still doesn’t help try to perform it manually.

To get the canon mg3600 printer not responding bug fixed, some critical areas have to be focused on cleaning up, i.e., ribbon, print head, stabilizer bar, and ink storage.

Print Heads

Several HP printers hold printed heads on their ink cartridges that have to be cleaned carefully. To clean them:

Ink Cartridges Disable

  • Pick up a cloth bit.
  • Carefully fill the towel along with a few isopropyl alcohols.
  • Now rub this cloth on the head with light hands. Rinse the cloth several times to properly clean the ends of the printer.


You should carefully clean the ribbon after you’ve washed the canon printer covers. Use the sprinkle and tissue a window cleaner on it. After that, wipe the ribbon on the back of the cartouche pan. You must be very careful at the time of washing the ribbon, and it is very tough to reconnect once the ribbon is detached from the canon printer.

Ink Reservoir

At the rump of the ink cartridge, the cartridge plate is the reservoir of ink. Exert alcohol on a cotton swab to clean it, and try to clean it thoroughly and carefully.

Bar with Stabilizer

Eventually, the steady bar should be washed. After that, the tin cartridge plate glides across this channel. The bar is utilized to remove noise compression and rectify the fault. The device or printer oil will wipe it up. Wipe it off with a part of the tissue and apply some gout on the stabilizer layer.

In addition, scrubbing the pickup rollers can also be tried. You’ll find these rollers on the back of the printer. All the attempts utilizing the canon printer also verify the fault is fixed after the cleansing procedure is finished.

Printer’s Counter Reset

Resetting the Canon printer counter can be an alternative method to support you gets over the Canon E5. That involves confined control of the process.

  • First and foremost, switch off the printer by clicking on the Power button.
  • Then, you have to tap and click on the “Resume” button.
  • While still holding the resume key, press and hold the “Power” button.
  • This should cause a green LED light to light up.
  • Try to keep holding the Power button. Until the ‘Resume’ tab has to be issued and pressed twice. The green light will turn amber and green again.
  • After that, the “Power” tab requires to be discharged gently.
  • Then, click on the “Resume” tab four times. To verify the chosen operation, immediately click on the “Power” tab.
  • Click the Power tab to turn off the printer.
  • Then turn on the printer.

These are the easy troubleshooting measures to fix canon mg3600 not responding to a fault. You must follow each protocol diligently and follow step-by-step procedures.


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