Canon Printer Installation Failed To Acquire Information On The Driver And Software

Steps To Troubleshoot The Network Access Issues

* Wired Printers *

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your wire is not smudged with the Ethernet (Network). You can encounter a number of difficulties when you owe to the insufficient tarnished cable and try connecting to a network.

Review Your Access Points Of Entry

  • In the very first place, you should try to search for the ethernet cables and the router for access points.
  • Check the wires that are connecting your router to your canon pixma tr4522 printer, and then explore the access points.
  • If you find any errors in the access points of the cable, try to fix the entire cable. This will help you to eliminate further communication errors that will possibly be generated in your network.
  • Also, ensure that your canon mg2922 printer and your computer device are perfectly electrified with the cable of the ethernet.

For your wired ts3100 printer, hunt for the given things if you want to remove the bug of the network connection.

* Wifi Printer *

Router Or Modem Reset

If your canon mg2922 printer has enabled the Wi-Fi, but you still face a problem with respect to the network, then you can try to restart the access of your internet connection. All this is followed cautiously by the given steps.

  1. Firstly you have to disable your Router or Modem to get spring the process. This implies that you must remove the Router or Modem from its power supply. And for doing this, you have to switch off its power button.
  2. Next, discover the power plug through which you can able to connect your modem electrically. Turn off the plug to prevent the supply of electricity.
  3. Hold on to a few seconds so your computer gets some time.
  4. After that, you will restart your router within few seconds.
  5. Connect the power supply to your router via the power cable.
  6. Then switch on the router by the power switch on the router.
  7. Allow your router to recover adaptability subsequently.

Obstacles Search

Due to the gap between your computer and the router, your communication may not go smoothly. Try to turn your Canon Pixma TR4522 printer to a router to renew the attachment, and if it is not operating, then there is no ts3100 printer driver installed correctly in your Canon MG2922.

Make Sure That User Credentials Of WLAN Are Entered Rightly

Follow the steps that are mentioned below to check that you are inserting the exact Wi-Fi name and password.

  • You should assure, the Canon mg2922 printer is predominantly activated. Also, make assured that a plain sheet of paper A4 or letter is filled.
  • You will then click on the canon printer’s menu key.
  • Click on the Canon Setup button on the icon OK.
  • After that, click the Settings System option, later click on the ok tab.
  • Utilizing the up or down sign keys to scroll through the LAN configuration. After that click on the OK tab.
  • Scroll down to the OK choice and click on the “Configure LAN Settings” button. Next, scroll down to the option “Print LAN Details”.
  • To begin the printing method, you must select the yes tab, further click on the OK tab.
  • See how written information is on the network. View SSID here. Make sure the SSID is the identical network you want to connect to. If the SSID is modified, connect your Canon mg2922 printer to the correct network.


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