Canon MX490 Printer

Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Canon printer MX490 setup has at present become so effortless that even doesn’t need any technical expertise. All this gets possible with the support of top industry specialists. We are one of the Canon printer customer support service providers for Canon printer, solely here to support you with the complete setup process of canon ij setup mx490. For this, we are provided you with detailed and thorough guidance to get your Canon MX490 printer setup done. 

Download Canon MX490 Printer Driver Through canon com ijsetup mx490

The Canon MX490 setup starts when you download the canon com ijsetup mx490 canon printer drivers on your device through http canon com ijsetup mx490. This Canon MX490 printer driver is acknowledged to be the essential software to get your canon mx490 work. Therefore, let’s get started with the download procedure.

  1. The first step towards the downloading process asks you to go to the “http canon com ijsetup mx490” website.
  2. Now, you have to enter your canon mx490 printer model in the provided area. It will get you to the most harmonious printer driver for your printer model.
  3. When you arrive at the Canon printer setup window, click the option that shows “Drivers & download”.
  4. From the given list of the printer drivers, you have to pick the one that you need to download or which is relevant to your printer’s model. The printer driver holds various software in it. Therefore, it is suggested you pick the complete software and driver package. Make the right pick and click on the “Select” tab.
  5. After which, you are provided with some instructions to get the remaining procedure and the driver specifications done. Recheck the information, then click on “Download”.
  6. Now, the downloading gets started, and you have to hold on till it gets completed. Finally, you can access the file from the default or the location where you saved it.      

Take The Help For The Installation Of Canon MX490 Setup File

The next move towards your canon com ijsetup mx490 includes the usage of your canon mx490 printer. Therefore, it is advised to keep your Canon printer set with the completion of its hardware setup. For this, you have to do all the necessary steps that are required, such as unpacking your canon mx490 printer, connecting its cables (one end to the printer and other to the wall power outlet), adding recommended paper to its paper tray, and installing ink in ink cartridge. Also, make sure that you put your printer safely on a flat and stable table, which is also placed on a smooth surface. For a continuous network connection, you have to pick the area that is within the range of your router’s signals. As you get done with the setup process, you can go next to the given installation process of the canon printer driver

  1. Before you get started with the Setup process of your canon ij setup mx490 Printer, you have to switch on your printer. Therefore, thumb the Power button from the top panel of your Canon MX490
  2. After this, access the setup file of your printer driver on your computing device.
  3. As you hit on the setup file, the pop-up box will appear on your device’s screen that seeks your approval for the needed modifications. Get them to allow and move forward.
  4. In the primary window that will appear on your device’s screen, you only have to hit the “Next” button.
  5. Now, if you are a MAC user, then in this process, you will get one extra popup box on your device’s screen. You have to give your credentials0, like your username and password that is linked with your MAC administrator account. 
  6. Following, the connection display will get arrive on your device’s screen. You will notice two connection choices in this window, i.e., “USB Connection” and “Wireless Connection”. Now, you have to make a suitable selection from the printer-system connection.
  7. later, you will receive the directions on your screen with respect to the process of connecting your http canon com ijsetup mx490 to your router’s network. If you are finished with the network configuration or your printer earlier on, you can just hit the “Next” tab without following the directions. By obeying all the directions you can easily form a steady connection. Get yourself assured that your both devices, i.e., printer and system are connected to the same network.
  8. Once you get done with building the connection, you will see the window for choosing the area where you stay.
  9. Next, the software selection list will appear. The list will involve all the printer software that you can easily fix for the canon ij setup mx490. Step proceed by performing the selection.
  10. Then you will receive the license agreement. By familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions, click on the “Yes” tab to confirm your approval.
  11. The installation will now start. Later wait for a while to complete it, then you will get an immediate message of completion. Click on the “Done” tab and exit the wizard.
  12. You may also receive a screen for connecting your printer or for print peak alignment, and many more. If you are engaged in implementing these processes, you can proceed with them by following the on-screen instructions. Otherwise, click on the Close tab and complete the procedure.

Discover The Steps Of Maintaining Your Canon Printer

Utilizing a complicated machine needs a lot of maintenance to make it work for a long time. There are various methods that you should follow to maintain your printing device. These methods can be ink, updating your Canon printer, printer cleaning, and paper replacement, and many more. To learn more about printer maintenance, refer to the procedures outlined below.

  • The primary maintenance procedure is cleaning your Canon printer. For this, you have to clean the printer from the outside with a wet cloth. And switch off your printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • In the next step, you should review the canon mx490 printer end and profound clean your printer from the inside utilizing the canon printer operator application.
  • In your Canon Printer, you can Re-install the Ink Cartridge. Thus, get a current ink cartridge and enter in the slots. Additionally, substitute the toner cartridge by lifting the topmost panel.
  • Another useful step is to move your printing device. Keeping an appliance in a place for a long time will cause dust to accumulate around it. Therefore, you should carefully lift your printer, put it in a new location. You can clean it again and put it in its previous place.
  • Another way you should try to maintain your printer is to clean the papers that have been loaded into it. Comb all together, eliminate all the creases, and then put them in.
  • You will also need to reset your printer settings after some time. Reassemble the settings to errors and edit them again as you like.
  • The latest printer driver software is very much required. There are many tools obtainable that will assist you to do this. You can easily re-install the driver fixed on your device and download a newly renewed Canon MX490 printer setup file.


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