Canon IJ Printer Utility

Canon printer utility software is the utility software that assesses, optimizing, managing, also configuring your Canon printer efficiently. Canon put forward multifunctional utility software for its users, and the one out of them is Canon IJ Printer Utility software. This article will shed light on this exclusive Canon inkjet printer software. So, if you desire to deep dive into the task you can carry out with the help of this software or instruct yourself about how to launch the software, you must go through the complete article.

Get Some More Knowledge About Canon IJ Printer Utility

Canon IJ is one of the staggering utility software that lets you perform many functions to help you and your Canon printer in its operation. With the help of this software, you can manage all the maintenance tasks of your printer. It can also serve you to obtain different information such as your printer’s ink level, carry out the print test tasks, set up the ink cartridge settings, and many more.

But what’s the point if you don’t even know about the tasks performed by this Utility software? To gain the most beneficial advantage of this canon printer utility software, you need to be knowledgeable about all the functions that you can perform with the help of this software. To learn some more about Canon IJ Printer Utility software, check out the list given below. 

Printer Cleaning – To save your printer work for a long time, it must be required to be cleaned all the dust or other harmful particles from outside. But does cleaning from outside can help enough to run your printer for the long go? Of course not! Along with the external cleaning, it also needs internal cleaning. All this is required for producing smudge-free printing by cleaning the print head that might possibly be clogged. This exclusive canon printer utility software allows you to do the cleaning of your printer device’s print head and clean the print head nozzle thoroughly. You are suggested to implement this task whenever you are undergoing a heavy print, even though your printer holds enough ink cartridges. You can further be conducting a device cleaning when your issue of the print head does not get fixed even though you have performed the deep cleaning.

Execute the Print Test – Canon recommends its users perform the print test that helps them to get themselves informed about the print head status. Canon IJ Printer Utility will assist you to identify your print head situation through a nozzle test pattern print. And when the pattern print comes out, you can simply check whether your canon printer’s ink or anyone’s particular color dropped or not. If you get the fainted print, then you must need to carry out the cleaning right there.  

Turn the Power Setting – Here, another function that you can perform with the help of utility software is to maintain your printing machine’s power. It means you can simply turn your printer on or off right away from the application. Moreover, you can adjust the power settings of your printer to decrease power dissipation. For this, you need to switch up the Auto power characteristic that will turn your printer on automatically when you give a direction and set it off when it rests still.  

Obtain the Information about ink level –This is still another essential characteristic of canon printer utility software. With this, you can receive all the necessary statistics about your printer’s ink level. Using this feature, you can enhance the longevity of your canon printer by stopping sending the command when the ink of your printer is low. You can also receive the measured usage of the ink cartridge to thoroughly understand your printing device.

Other Functions – There are also several other tasks that you can perform utilizing your canon utility software. And all these functions help to decrease your printer noise by allowing the silent characteristic, add or remove print job IDs, flip among different printer operating methods, and many more.

Steps Of Canon IJ Printer Utility Launching

Usually, the canon printer utility gets with canon MP3 printer drivers. If you install a printer driver, the canon printer software gets easily installed along with it. Though, you can also explore it with the help of the printer model number by visiting the http // setup. When you have the software http // setup, you’ll need to launch it on your device to manage your canon printer. Yet, canon utility software is only compatible with certain printer models. If your printer model does not help the canon ij printer, you can use the user interface to manage your printing device.

Important Note: The procedure mentioned below is for Mac operating system. Although, this may alter with the OS you utilize.

  • To start launching your canon printer utility through canon.start, you will initially require to switch on your printer. You can simply do this by holding the power key that is a spot around on the control panel of your printer.
  • Now, you require to obtain the Apple menu on your device. As soon, you click on the “Apple” shape icon, which is located at the top-left corner of the screen, the menu of canon.start will appear.
  • As soon as you click on the icon, that drop-down menu of various choices will emerge. Move your cursor also choose the system preferences selection from the menu.
  • Hence, you will take one of the proffered choices on your monitor. All these choices will vary along with the different versions which you are presently utilizing.
    • Print & Scanners
    • Print and Scan
    • Print & Fax
  • The following step in launching the utility software is to select it for your printer. Next, choose the open print queue option, and at last, you have to select the utility taskbar.
  • Further, the utility windowpane will incite on your screen. On the screen, you will initially find the name of the printer. Select it, and later, click on the maintenance option. For this option, you need to see it at the bottom right of the dialog box, which is shown on the screen.
  • Now, the software will effectively launch the canon ij printer utility on your computing device. Forthwith, all the exceptional works will be on display. You can select any function you want to perform and follow the instructions that are shown on the screen to finish the procedure.


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